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Home of Best in Show, 1st in Group, Best of Breed, National placing winning shelties.

We currently have the #1 UKC Sheltie.

Welcome to our home on the web.

We are located in Southern Nevada in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley.

We are a hobby kennel breeding to improve the

sheltie we love and adore.  We do our best to breed to the

AKC Shetland Sheepdog Standard set by

the American Shetland Sheepdog Association.

All of our dogs are tested before breeding to insure the best

quality and health of the dogs we produce.

We are proud to produce dogs with sound temperament, beauty, brains,

and the best health we possibly can.

Our dogs are house pets 1st and show dogs 2nd. 

We take pride in raising our puppies in our home.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web.

Thank you for stopping by.

Come see us again soon! 

I am the President and Rescue Coordinator for the

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada and Rescue.

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Recommended tests for a sheltie being considered as a breeding prospect:

Test for hip dysplasia - a crippling, degenerative, hereditary disorder resulting in
disintegration of the hip joint in dogs.  By age two, all adult dogs need to have hips x-
rayed for hip dysplasia. Most people use OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) which
has a web site at Some people do prelim x-rays at 6 months. Most vets can
do these.  Approximate cost: (depending on location) $250 to $500 for x-rays, office visit
and registration with OFA.

Test for vonWillebrandís Disease - a hereditary bleeding disorder found in many dogs
whether purebred or mixed. Von Willebrandís Disease or vWD is a DNA test. If you are
breeding dogs genetically clear of vWD, then you don't have to do the puppies. This can
be done at any time in a dog's life. contact Vetgen at 1 800 4vetgen for info. They have a
web site. Approximate cost: $125

Thyroid problems, can also be an issue.  There are some good indicators if your dog has a problem:  loss of hair, excessive weight that you can not get to come off.  Thyroid is an area many sheltie breeders opinions very on.  Some test for this but some don't.  Because if the dog has a problem they will show it outwardly as a stated above.  Loss of hair, excessive weight, and inability to produce.   

Sheltie eye problems - PRA or progressive retinal atrophy, collie eye syndrome, and
sheltie eye syndrome, can result in blindness. Eye exams must be done by a board
certified veterinary ophthalmologist. The results if sent in to CERF (Canine Eye Registry
Foundation) will appear on OFA web site and on AKC papers for one year. Early tests are
for collie eye or CEA. Later tests are for various forms of  PRA or progressive retinal
atrophy and sheltie eye syndrome. Approximate cost $250.

This is what dog breeding means to me.  Down with PETA.

We feed CANIDAE® All Life Stages and supplement with NuVet Lab vitamins.

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Member of: 

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada

Black Mountain Kennel Club

Silver State Kennel Club

Neon Agility Club

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Our Family    Puppies Elsewhere  Photo Gallery   Show Training

Our Past              About Us

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