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"Crush"  UKC Grand CH Daedream Hot Stuff

Crush is now lives with her wonderful family and JR Handler.

"Aries"  BISS, BPISS CAN CH ,UKC Grand CH Shelgrande Ridgelynn What's R Sign  AKC pointed

Aries and his mother D-Annie

Aries and his Mother D-Annie.

Aries now resides with his new family in the Prescott Valley

with a wonderful family and his mother.



Skye at her new home   skye at her new home

A true musician

Skye the Las Vegas entertainer/musician!!

This is Skye at her new home.  Thanks Miranda and Mark for taking great care of our baby girl.



Ozzy    ozzy

Ozzy has gone home with a great family.

Thanks Chris and family for your loving care of our little man.




red girl    red girl 5 wks

This our sweet little Roxy.

She is owned by Chris and Jenee.

Little Roxy is just going to be Chris and Jenee's little lady.

She will be passing on the show ring.



Daedream Lucky Star

Lucky 6wks

Lucky is going to be a cuddle bug and agility star.

Thank you Donna for giving my little man an awesome home.


Daedream All Star

Allstar 5 wks

Our little All Star will be a cuddle bug and a therapy dog in training.

Thank you Pat for giving my little man an awesome home.



Daedream Bobbie Sue


Bobbie has gone home with her new family and is going to be a loved pet.

She has kitty's to learn about and a new playmate Josie to play with.

Thank you so much Janet for giving our girl a wonderful home.


"Vinnie"        "Bandit"

vinnie       Bandit

Vinnie and Bandit have gone to their home together.

They are going to have a great life with their new family and kids.



Int, Nat Ch

Mandy is going to a new home and will be a traveling girl.

She is going to be greatly missed by us but will have a good

time seeing the country with her new owners and being the center of attention.

Lots of love and hugs to you our sweet Mandy.

We love you.



UKC CH Daedream Bad To The Bone

Here he is with his new family and his new buddy.



Daedream Spring Celebration

Is going home to her new mom tomorrow.

She is going to have a great time playing in the snow this winter.

We love you Bunni girl Hugs and Kisses.



Zoey and her mom.  They are off the explore the country side.

Have fun little miss Zoey.



UKC BIS, UKC RBIS CH Daedream Dream A Li'l Dream


(Her new daddy was at work and the her new boy was off at collage and missed the picture too). 

Here is Mariah with most of her new family.

 Who knew she would get to be with my 1st and the best sheltie ever "Trooper".

I can not thank this family enough for their love and

tender care of my special sheltie kids.  Thank you all so much!!! Hugs and kiss to you all!!




This little man has gone to his home. 

He is on the big side and is now keeping his big brothers busy.



Here she is at her new home.  Isn't she so pretty. 

Thank you Kathy for taking for good care of our

little girl and sharing this lovely picture.  Sammy has gone to live with his sister.




She will be going to her new home with her family with some kids to call her own.

She is a sweet heart. 



UKC CH Ha-Dar Desert Daedream'n


Here he is with his mom.

Tahoe has gone to a home of his own. 

He is a great dog and he has found a great home with Jack and Susan Reed.

I big thank you to you Jack and Susan for giving my baby boy a

home with lots of love and attention that he deserves.

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses to you and Tahoe.



Daedream Front Page News CGC

Paige and her new family.

A big thank you to the Butler's for giving

our girl a great home.  This girl will not let you down. 

She is very smart and easy going.



This is little Miss Red girl who is now called Farah. 

I have miss placed the family picture so here is

Farah with her new girl to call her own.

Thank you Oliva family for giving this super

sweet girl a home to call her own.  Lots of love to you all.


"Sara & Kiada"


Have made there way to IL with their new mom Gina.

Thank you Gina for giving these lovely girls the home they

deserve.  I am sure you are going to have a ball with them.

Here they are all gown up.



Here is Stuart with his new family.  Now isn't that a great looking family.

Congratulations to you all.  I think we found Stuart the best home. 

Have fun Stuart going to work with your daddy and giving kisses to your mommy.



Ha-Dar Watch Out Women Driver


This picture was given to me by Robin Swan to be used on my website.  This picture has been cropped and framed by Dae.

Tess took 2 place and the 2001 National in the American Bred Class.

 Tess is an awesome girl and will be heading to her

forever home after the New Year.  She is going to be the princess of her new home.

She is going to be greatly missed by our family.  But it will be with great joy

we will place her knowing she will be an only dog and will get all the attention.

  Thank you Kari for waiting on this girl.  She truly is one of the

great ones.   We love you Tess. 


Brandy & Noodle

Here is Brandy and Noodle all grown up.

Thank you Ty and Heidi for the new picture.

I can't wait to visit with you again.




Well here is Scout and his new family.

 He is going to do so well there.  He likes to be cuddled and he is going to get allot

of that at his new home.  I want to thank the Russell's for giving our little man a

wonderful home and for patiently waiting on  this little man. 

We couldn't ask for a better home for our little guy.


And I must mention that the Russell's son Ryan and our son Michael did very

well together too.  They had a ball playing together. 

Thank you again and Congratulation's to your family and Scout.




Trooper the Great NA, NAJ, CGC


Here he is with his new family and his girl.

Trooper has been placed with an awesome family. 

He is going to get all the attention he really deserves. 

Thank you Rich, Dee and kids for give Trooper the attention he deserves.






Callie and Dillion are litter mates. 



This is Lacey and her boys Blue and Trax.

Lacey is in performance home.

You can see more on her on the Performance page. 






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